The second to the last installment in the BIT.TRIP game series, FATE will leave game enthusiasts guessing on what’s next to come.

FATE takes the dual-stick shooter game into a new level with its 360 degree firepower and side-scrolling action.

FATE has a number of awesome features:

  • Brand new modes Easy and Hard Difficulty;
  • Gather power ups that can be used to summon CommanderVideo’s friends to get upgrades;
  • Appearances from Mr. Robotube and Super Meat Boy;
  • Chiptune-inspired dubstep soundtrack;
  • A guest appearance by Minusbaby.

Platforms/Release Dates: Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS – September 13, 2011, WiiWare – October 25, 2010

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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